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Joe Bright has given us something we’ve all longed for lately. A good, exciting book series. The adventures of Augie Doyle have this reader anticipating each new book as Augie in a weird way captivates one and you just never want the book to end. The characters are all interesting and are just the kind of people we all have in our lives so – no matter what age – everyone is able to relate to them all. I love the unpredictability of the events as the story unfolds. When will this series hit the screen?

–  SFi, Amazon Review

“A fantastically atmospheric book. You can feel the tension on every page.” 

Robert Foster, best-selling author of The Lunar Code.

Joe Bright has managed to perfectly blend a large variety of elements to produce a very satisfying read: The dialog is witty and crisp, flowing effortlessly. The prose is beautiful and descriptive, and yet non-effusive; each word obviously carefully chosen. The characters are well developed, and lovable, even with their glaring faults. Humor is a major player in the novel: from joking between characters, to laugh out loud hilarious events.

I would recommend this book to mystery lovers and skeptics alike. It truly has something for everyone, universal appeal. I will definitely be watching for more of Joe Bright. 

–  Lisa Harvey, Books Ahoy!

What is it like to live in a small town where everyone thinks they know what you did? In “The Black Garden”, Joe Bright introduces us to a family closed off from the world by rumour and speculation and so embittered by their experience that it is difficult to like them. His affable young protagonist, Mitchell, takes both the reader and the emotionally scarred O’Brien family by the hand and leads them into a brave new world where nothing is as black as it first appears. With strong prose, striking characters and a plot that fairly zips along, Bright has created a scintillating and compelling read that keeps us guessing until the last moment what the truth of the O’Brien secrets may be. Fantastic! 

Stef Hall, British Literary Critic

The Black Garden is a good read that shouldn’t be passed up. 

Lucille P Robinson, Author/Book Reviewer

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