Young Adult Horror

Augie Doyle
and the Dead Boy

The Augie Doyle Saga Book One

Sometimes life is stranger than we think, but it’s rarely stranger than what Augie thinks.

When Oliver falls off the Old Mill Bridge and dies, everyone thinks they’ve seen the last of him. Five days later, he shows up at school, but he’s changed. Yes, he’s alive but barely.

Is this the dawn of the zombie apocalypse? That’s Augie’s theory. But this plague only affects Oliver’s friends. One by one, as each friend’s health gets worse, Oliver’s health gets better.

Two of Oliver’s friends are also friends of Augie’s, and the plague is closing in.

Augie Doyle
and the Strange Case of Creepy Crilly

The Augie Doyle Saga Book Two

Augie is dying to know Izzie Crilly’s secret, and death may be the price he pays for figuring it out.

The new girl is dark, mysterious, and morbid. Her strangeness and boney body make her an easy target. Yet everyone who bullies her ends up hurt or dead.

Augie can’t figure out why anyone would date her, but they do, and it never ends well for them. When she takes an interest in Augie, he finds himself stuck in a relationship he doesn’t want, and as far as he can tell, the only way out is death.

Augie Doyle
and the Black-Eyed Legion

The Augie Doyle Saga Book Three

Not everything Augie believes is true, but this time he may be onto something.

As a horror enthusiast, Augie takes it upon himself to investigate the disappearance of several teenagers who have gone missing from his high school. His top suspects are the new neighbors who burn things in their backyard late at night. A clever way to dispose of the bodies, yes?

Their sixteen-year-old daughter is in Augie’s science class. She’s far too mysterious to be innocent and far too smart to be human. No doubt she has come to school to select the next victim.

It’s all fun and intrigue until one of Augie’s best friends vanishes. Panicked, he amps up his investigation and finds himself on the radar of those he is hunting.

Augie Doyle
and the Weird Sisters

The Augie Doyle Saga Book Four

The sisters are psychic, beautiful, and charming. They also happen to be witches.

A fortune teller predicts Augie will soon meet a green-eyed beauty with a crescent-moon tattoo. Best yet, she’s his soul mate. Or maybe that’s not so great since he already has a wonderful girlfriend who lives with him and his father. Breaking up with her is out of the question.

When the new girl shows up to school, she’s everything the psychic predicted and more. Is it his fault if he falls for the girl the universe picked out for him? Sure, she’s got a mean streak and turns his friends against him, but how bad can a soul mate be? Unfortunately, Augie’s about to find out.

Augie Doyle
and the Amazing Steampunk Carnival

The Augie Doyle Saga Book Five

Great magicians are skilled in the art of illusion. Real magicians require an added ingredient of evil.

The carnival rolls into town on Augie’s seventeenth birthday. How wonderful! It might even be the perfect distraction to help him forget that the girl he loves is now dating the boy he hates. Not only does the carnival have zeppelins and steampunkers, it has a magician who can perform real magic. His tricks are dazzling. Mindboggling. But there’s something dark about his craft, something not of this planet.

When the carnival leaves and takes Augie’s ex-girlfriend with it, he and his friends scramble to find out where the carnival has gone. That’s the easy part. The trick is freeing their friend without getting themselves killed in the process.

Adult Cozy Mystery

The Black Garden

A tale of tragedy, hope, and reconciliation

The sleepy town of Winter Haven holds a secret that has been buried for nearly twenty years. At the heart of the controversy is George O’Briens, who, along with his granddaughter, has been outcast by the community.

When Mitchell Sanders, a college student from Boston, arrives to help renovate the O’Brien home, he finds himself entrenched in the family’s dirty little secrets, putting him at odds with his new employers and the citizens of Winter Haven.

Make sure your skeletons are in the closet where they belong.

Free Book

The Stranger in the Glass

A fifteen-year-old sophomore is convinced that her reflection is an imposter trying to trick her into thinking she’s ugly and unlovable.

Stranger in the Glass