Young Adult Horror

Augie Doyle

Not everything Augie believes is true, but this time he may be onto something.

As a horror enthusiast, Augie takes it upon himself to investigate the disappearance of several teenagers who have gone missing from his high school. His top suspects are the new neighbors who burn things in their back yard late at night. A clever way to dispose of the bodies, yes?

Their sixteen-year-old daughter is in Augie’s science class. She’s far too mysterious to be innocent and far too smart to be human. No doubt she has come to school to select the next victim.

It’s all fun and intrigue until one of Augie’s best friends vanishes. Panicked, he amps up his investigation and finds himself on the radar of those he is hunting.


Adult Cozy Mystery

The Black Garden

A tale of tragedy, hope, and reconciliation

The sleepy town of Winter Haven holds a secret that has been buried for nearly twenty years. At the heart of the controversy is George O’Briens, who, along with his granddaughter, has been outcast by the community.

When Mitchell Sanders, a college student from Boston, arrives to help renovate the O’Brien home, he finds himself entrenched in the family’s dirty little secrets, putting him at odds with his new employers and the citizens of Winter Haven.

Make sure your skeletons are in the closet where they belong.

Free Book

The Stranger in the Glass

A fifteen-year-old sophomore is convinced that her reflection is an imposter trying to trick her into thinking she’s ugly and unlovable.