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Joe Bright

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Augie Doyle and the
Weird Sisters

The sisters are psychic, beautiful, and charming. They also happen to be witches.

A fortune teller predicts Augie will soon meet a green-eyed beauty with a crescent-moon tattoo. Best yet, she’s his soul mate. Or maybe that’s not so great since he already has a wonderful girlfriend who lives with him and his father. Breaking up with her is out of the question.

When the new girl shows up to school, she’s everything the psychic predicted and more. Is it his fault if he falls for the girl the universe picked out for him? Sure, she’s got a mean streak and turns his friends against him, but how bad can a soul mate be? Unfortunately, Augie’s about to find out.

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The Stranger in the Glass

A fifteen-year-old sophomore is convinced that her reflection is an imposter trying to trick her into thinking she’s ugly and unlovable.

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Stranger in the Glass