Young Adult and Adult Fiction

Joe Bright

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Augie Doyle and the
and the Amazing Steampunk Carnival

Great magicians are skilled in the art of illusion. Real magicians require an added ingredient of evil.

The carnival rolls into town on Augie’s seventeenth birthday. How wonderful! It might even be the perfect distraction to help him forget that the girl he loves is now dating the boy he hates. Not only does the carnival have zeppelins and steampunkers, it has a magician who can perform real magic. His tricks are dazzling. Mindboggling. But there’s something dark about his craft, something not of this planet.

When the carnival leaves and takes Augie’s ex-girlfriend with it, he and his friends scramble to find out where the carnival has gone. That’s the easy part. The trick is freeing their friend without getting themselves killed in the process.

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The Stranger in the Glass

A fifteen-year-old sophomore is convinced that her reflection is an imposter trying to trick her into thinking she’s ugly and unlovable.

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Stranger in the Glass